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Expanding the Reach for Mental Wellness for Better  Performance in Sport & Life 

About Expand the Reach

New Path with the support of Morton Youth Services and Vireo Research (opens in new page) developed an online qualitative assignment for coaches.

The goal was to understand the different types of behaviours and mental health issues coaches encounter, explore the areas that coaches identify as needing support with, and to examine and define the types of “tools” coaches would consider most valuable.

The Toolkit on our website (expandthereach.ca) was developed to enhance early intervention efforts, and reduce the incidence of youth crime.

Youth activity groups offer a unique “relationship” opportunity between coach and player, and the project aimed to capitalize on this.

Coaches see their role as that of a positive role model who can teach them about: Positive values, hard work, perseverance, teamwork, goal-setting, and healthy competition. Coaches feel it’s much more than just the specific sport; it’s about reinforcing positive attitudes, and lessons for life.

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