Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Because mental health can’t wait. New Path offers a range of fully-funded child and youth mental health services to children, youth and their families in Simcoe County. 

We are a team of dedicated and highly skilled staff providing mental health supports to the many local families in our communities struggling with a mental health challenge. 

New Path offers a wide-range of services across 10 office locations in Simcoe County, as well as in many elementary and secondary schools. 

10 office locations and range of child and youth mental health services.

2017-2018 Client Profiles

This past fiscal year we saw 2,126 unique clients access our services.
For more details scroll down or download the 2017-18 New Path Client Profile PDF.

Clients by Age

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Clients by Gender

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Categories of Assessed Needs

Diagram showing Clients by Categories of Assessed Needs
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Brief Services

Provides “quick access” therapeutic encounters to address the immediate or presenting needs of a child or youth.

Brief Services Client Demographic
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Counselling/Therapy Services

Focuses on reducing the severity of, and/or remedying, the emotional, social, behavioural and self-regulation problems of children and youth.

Counselling & Therapy Client Demographic
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Crisis Services

Provides immediate, time-limited services, delivered in response to an imminent mental health crisis or an urgent situation.

Crisis Services, Client Demographics
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Family/Caregiver Skills Building and Support

These services enhance the family’s ability to support and adaptively respond to the mental health needs of the young person.

Family and Caregiver Skills Building and Support, Client Demographic
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Intensive Treatment Services

Has the same focus as Counselling/Therapy Services. Differs in intensity of service required to meet the child/youth’s needs.

Intensive Treatment Services Client Demographic.riptions
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Specialized Consultation / Assessment Services

Provides advice in assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment of a child or youth with identified mental health needs.

Specialized Consultation Assessment, Client Data
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Targeted Prevention

Focuses on working across sectors to change views, behaviours, build skills,competencies and/or creating awareness and resiliency.

Tele-Mental Health

Tele-Mental Health

Use of video-conferencing technology to access expert specialized mental health consultations.

Tele-Mental Health, client demographic
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Provides service to clients referred from child welfare agenices to improve outcomes and prevent clients from entering or re-entering care.

TAPS Client Demographic
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Youth Justice Attendance Centre

Provides pre and post charge service to clients involved in the youth justice system.

Youth Justice Attendance Centre Client Demographic
Youth Justice PICS & New Direction

Youth Justice PICS & New Directions

Provides services to clients involved in the youth justice system to support court-ordered re-integration/re-habilitation goals.

Youth Justice PICS and New Directions Client Demographic