Partner Abuse Program (PAP) Children and Youth Services

Partner Abuse Program (PAP) Children and Youth Services

What need is addressed by this program?

This client-centered program is for children/youth who have witnessed/been exposed to the abuse of their mothers by an intimate partner.

How do I access this program?

Women currently involved in the PAP program can contact their worker or call the New Path office in their area. See contact numbers listed below.

Si vous etes femme francophone victim de violence conjagale, vous recevrez vos services en francais en communiquant avec le centre Colibri au 705-797-2060

What will the program help me achieve?

The program will assist children/youth to:

• have a greater understanding of healthy relationships
• develop tools and strategies to manage and express their feelings
• increase their self-confidence and assertiveness
• have a greater sense of safety in their lives

What are the major service activities of this program?

The Partner Abuse Program – Child/Youth Service involves 2 major service activities as follows:

1. An initial assessment period to establish client needs and goals
2. Individual counselling for children/youth

Where is the program located/available?

The program is offered by New Path in:

• Alliston (705-733-2654 ext .2507)
• Barrie (705-733-2654 ext. 2309)
• Collingwood (705-445-4181 ext. 5227)
• Orillia (705-325-6161 ext. 3266)
• Midland (705-526-3644

Who provides service in this program?

Counselling is provided by a Partner Abuse Counsellor.

Is there a cost for this service?

No, this service is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

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