New Directions Treatment Program

New Directions Treatment Program

What need is addressed by this program?

This client-centered assessment and counselling program is for youth ages 12-18 who have been convicted of sexual offence related charges. Youth must currently be on a probation order.

This program works from a strengths-based perspective in partnership with Probation Officers and provides clinical intervention to youth and their families. On average, service can last approximately 12 months.

How do I access this program?

Referrals for this program can be made by a Youth Probation Officer for youth residing in Simcoe County.

What will the program help me achieve?

The program will assist clients to:

• develop strategies and skills to reduce their risk of re-offending and promote healthy relationships, choices, and improve overall functioning
• develop a greater understanding of their strengths and challenges
• be more aware of available community and other resources

What are the major service activities of this program?

The New Directions Treatment Program involves 3 major service activities as follows:

1. A comprehensive assessment to identify client strengths and needs, and recommendations
2. Individual counselling
3. Family support /counselling

Where is the program located/available?

The program is offered by New Path throughout Simcoe County.

Who provides service in this program?

Counselling is provided by a Youth and Family Therapist.

Is there a cost to this service?

No, this service is funded by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services (Youth Justice Division).

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