Early Years Services

Early Years Services

What need is addressed by this program?

This client-centered program is for children ages 0-6 and their families who require support or counselling to address challenges with social, emotional or behavioural challenges.

This program provides Walk-In and Office based family and group sessions and limited in-home support.

How do I access this program?

This program can be accessed by attending one of New Path’s Walk in clinics offered in 5 locations throughout Simcoe County (Alliston, Barrie, Bradford, Collingwood or Orillia).

Visit the Walk-In Clinics Page on our website for a schedule of our clinics.

Walk-in Clinics

What will the program help me achieve?

The program will assist parents to:

• develop a greater understanding of the strengths and challenges of their child and family
• learn tools and strategies (with their children) that support improvement with identified challenges and overall functioning
• become aware of appropriate community resources

What are the major service activities of this program?

The Early Years Program involves 2 major service activities as follows:

1. An initial assessment period to establish client needs and goals
2. Parent support and education

Where is the program located/available?

The program is offered by New Path in:

• Alliston
• Barrie
• Bradford
• Collingwood
• Orillia
• Midland

Who provides service in this program?

Counselling is provided by an Early Years Worker

Is there a cost for this service?

No, this service is funded by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services.

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