Quality and Performance

Quality and Performance

At New Path, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services and supports to children, youth and their families in an environment that promotes accountability, transparency and trust. We engage in many activities on an ongoing basis to achieve our core commitment to quality. These activities foster an environment that is responsive to client and family needs and helps identify opportunities to enhance our services and overall organizational performance as a premier mental health agency.

A summary of our major activities are outlined below.

New Path is delivering the highest quality services and supports to children, youth and their families in an environment that promotes accountability, transparency and trust.

Quality Assurance

New Path’s quality assurance (QA) program was designed to maintain high quality programs expected by our clients and their families and by our many community partners and stakeholders. Key elements of service quality are monitored regularly, allowing us to respond quickly to any gaps and provide a strong evidence base for operational decision making and planning. Key elements monitored in our QA program include wait times, service durations, and client outcomes based on the interRAI suite of measurement tools. Our QA program provides foundational data and context that informs our program evaluation process.

    Program Evaluation

    New Path’s program evaluation process provides an important opportunity for stakeholders to engage in a thorough examination of the programs (or services) offered by our agency. Our approach to evaluation is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

    • understand the extent to which each program achieves its goals and objectives;
    • understand its strengths and challenges; and
    • identify how it could be strengthened to have the greatest possible impact with clients and in the community.

    To accomplish these objectives, each program undergoes a comprehensive review at least once every five years, which includes an evaluation of its inputs, processes, outputs, outcomes, and impacts. Our Program Evaluation Framework is available in pdf format.

      Performance Management

      New Path adopted a Balanced Scorecard approach to organizational performance management in fall 2016. The Balanced Scorecard helps New Path’s stakeholders understand how our agency is performing on key strategic and operational priorities. The Balanced Scorecard is updated quarterly and available in pdf format below.

      2020, Q3 – New Path Balanced Scorecard

      Background Summary of Scorecard Items

      Quality Improvement Plan

      Our Quality Improvement Plan, or QIP, is a tool we use to understand our current performance and contribution to an improved mental health services system in Simcoe County. A quality service delivery framework for children’s mental health in Simcoe County was developed and finalized in March 2018 by a group of community stakeholders representing children’s mental health, adult mental health and addictions, children’s aid, and youth justice. The framework consists of seven domains: accessible, comprehensible, harmonized, equitable, sustainable, effective, and efficient. Our QIP is designed to address opportunities for improvement in these domains.

      New Path’s QIP consists of an annual Workplan (based on the fiscal year) and a Progress Report, highlighting how we did the past year, including our indicator results and the status of our change initiatives. Our QIP Workplan is available in PDF format below.

      2019-20 QIP


      In 2017, New Path was awarded full accreditation by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA) for a 4-year term. New Path is proud to be accredited by CCA, an independent non-profit organization that offers accreditation specifically tailored to community-based health and social services across Canada. CCA offers accreditation based on recognized best practices in governance, leadership, and management that promotes ongoing quality improvement and responsive, effective community services.

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