Lead Agency

Lead Agency:  Planning and Integration of Children’s Mental Health Services

New Path is the lead agency for Simcoe County. 

We were selected by our funder to ensure accessible, consistent, high quality children’s mental health services across Ontario.

We are here to make the system less confusing and more efficient for children, youth and families.

New Path is the Lead Agency for  Simcoe County

Lead Agency Priorities

In our leadership role, we have consulted with youth, parents, planning bodies and partner agencies to help develop an integrated and accessible spectrum of children’s mental health services.  The priorities that we continue to work on include:

Updated Service Priorities for 2019/20:

  • Ensure Integrated Access is available for Counselling and Therapy services at a minimum;
  • Develop an Integrated Crisis System;
  • Begin the Process of Redesigning the Children’s Mental Health System in Simcoe County;
  • Residential Services Review and Development.

Thank you to our key partners: Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions (SMFC), Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH), Youth Justice Services, Child Youth and Family Services (CYFS) Coalition of Simcoe County, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, Kinark Child and Family Services and La Cle d’la Baie en Huronie.

Lead Agency Consortium Annual Report- English