Family Engagement

Family Engagement

At New Path this means families and staff work together as active partners. 
We believe in empowering families to recognize their own own needs, strengths, resources needed, and play an active role in creating positive change.

Family Engagement Picture

When families are engaged, it helps motivate them to continue on the path to positive change; which is sometimes a slow and difficult process. 

Through engagement and creating opportunities for youth and family voices to be heard, New Path learns about the needs and concerns of youth and families directly; ensuring accountability and services that reflect their needs and concerns.

“I feel that the Collaborative Problem Solving Training (CPS) gives my family more tools that we can use to help in our daily life, particularly with the problems that we keep having over and over. I feel that we now have something that will help all of my family in the long term.”
– Parent Testimonial

New Path has been working with Sarah Cannon from Parents for Children’s Mental Health. Earlier this year we sent out a snapshot survey to all staff, and Board of Directors. The snapshot was intended to gather important information and perspectives to help inform future family engagement planning. Based on the results, recommendations have been suggested to enhance family engagement.  

In the spring we co-developed the New Path Commitment to Family Engagement with all of our staff. We explored as an organization how we can maintain and celebrate the commitment to families our staff demonstrate.

Since our training day we have formed a core implementation team to begin to operationalize family engagement at New Path. Team members include parents, staff, management and Sarah Cannon; together we will co-develop the implementation plan.

New Path has also been working with Sarah Cannon and Kathy Manners who is supporting the work of lead agency for children and youth mental health services to develop a family advisory committee executive model (FACE). The executive will act as an oversight committee to ensure meaningful engagement of families at New Path and it will also be accessible to community partners to assist in meaningful engagement of families across all service areas. We are currently seeking service providers and family members who are interested in participating in the FACE model. Please email Lisa Cluett at if you are interested or have questions.