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About New Path

New Path Youth and Family Services of Simcoe County is a government supported, registered not-for-profit charitable organization. We are an accredited children’s mental health agency providing a range of compassionate, innovative and accessible services for children, youth and their families.

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Lead agency

We are the Lead Agency in Simcoe County for Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) committed to leading system change in the County.  As Lead Agency, New Path seeks to enhance the experience and outcomes of children, youth and their families seeking assistance with mental health and wellness.

Our service philosophy

New path promotes mental health and wellness for children, youth, their families and communities through an innovative, coordinated, multiservice approach. Everyone at New Path works together to create better futures for people and their communities.

Our funders and programs

New Path is funded through multiple funding sources including the Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

History of our Agency

New Path is the result of a 1998-1999 community based process that amalgamated four children’s service providers in Simcoe County, the Robert Thompson Youth and Family Centre, the Richmond Youth and Family Centre, the South Georgian Bay Counselling Services, and the children’s mental health programs of Catulpa Tamarac Child and Family Services. The amalgamation was completed on April 1, 2000, bringing together over 120 years of human services in Simcoe County.

New Path is now into its 16th year of operations. Forming from the amalgamation of four child and youth mental health service providers across Simcoe in 2000, New Path emerged as a consolidated, youth-friendly organization that spans all of Simcoe County.  The original vision of the amalgamation remains as true today as it did fifteen years ago. It is reflected in New Path’s mission to lead and inspire positive change, and to promote mental health and wellness for children, youth, and families and their communities through an innovative multi-service approach.  We have continued this wonderful journey over the past year.

Quality Assurance

For a summary of the highlights and milestones achieved over the past year, please refer

Service Highlights 2016-17


New Path is committed to developing policies, practices and procedures that provide accessible services to all our clients. Services will be provided to clients with disabilities in a manner that promotes and respects dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. Your feedback is important to help us improve your experience. We would like to hear your comments, questions and suggestions about the provision of our materials or services to people with disabilities.

Please download our feedback form. Feedback-Form-Accessibility PDF   It can be returned to our HR Dept. by fax at 705-735-6826, by email hsanford@newpath.ca or by mail to 165 Ferris Lane, Barrie, Ontario, L4M 2Y1.

Statement of Information Practices

To provide the best service possible, New Path Youth & Family Services needs to collect and use information, including personal health information, about you and your child/youth. We are committed to keeping this information safe and confidential. We follow rules set out in law about collecting, using and disclosing information and providing you with access to your information.

For further details, please read our Statement of Information Practices

Client Rights

All New Path Clients Have a Right:

• To be treated with dignity and respect without discrimination.

• To a service that respects and honors cultural diversity and strives

to accommodate the uniqueness of individuals being served including the right to receive spiritual/religious instruction in the faith of the client’s choice, where applicable.

• To privacy and confidentiality so long as is legally and ethically possible.

• To receive service in an environment that promotes a feeling of safety and security.

• To make a complaint about a service and to be well oriented to New Path’s Resolution of Complaints policy and procedure.

• To accessible services that promote and respect dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity. To be engaged as a partner in the planning for services, to make decisions about services and to discontinue services within the limits set by service agreements.

• To a service that promotes autonomy, skill development and an optimum quality of life.

Please see the Resolution-of-Complaints-PDF  if you wish to speak to someone about a concern regarding service at New Path.

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