Teen and Parent Success Program (TAPS)

What need is addressed by the program?

This client-centered program is for teens who are experiencing parent-teen conflict. The family is involved with or at risk of becoming involved with the child welfare system

What will the program help me achieve?

The program will assist teens and parents to:

  • have an improved family relationship with a reduction in the frequency and severity of parent-teen conflicts
  • develop skills related to responsible decision making and managing emotions
  • improve the possibility of youth remaining with their family

What are the major service activities of the program?

The Teen and Parent Success program involves 3 major service activities as follows:

  1. An initial assessment period to establish client needs and goals
  2. Individual and family counselling
  3. Parenting support

Where is the program located / available?

The program is offered by New Path in:

  • Barrie (705-733-2654 ext. 2247)

How do I access this program?

Referrals are made through Simcoe Muskoka Family Connexions. The SMFC worker completes the referral form and faxes it to the New Path Central Intake Department (705-726-2870).

Who provides service in this program?

Counselling is provided by the TAPS worker.

Is there a cost for this program?

No, this service is funded by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.