Probation In House Clinical Services (PICS) 

Who is This Service For?

This program is for youth aged 12-17 who have been charged through Youth Justice.

Who Can Make a Referral?

  • Probation Officers

How is a Referral Made?

The youth’s probation officer completes a referral form and faxes it to the Supervisor of Probation In House Clinical Services at (705)-719-4485.

What Services are Available?

  • Brief Therapy (individual or family) – 4 – 6 sessions per youth
  • Clinical consultation to Probation Officers

Where is the Service Located?

This service is offered at New Path offices in:

  • Alliston
  • Barrie
  • Bradford
  • Collingwood
  • Orillia

Is There a Cost for this Service?

No, this service is funded by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Youth Justice Division.