New Path is the Lead Agency for
Moving on Mental Health for Simcoe County

Moving on Mental Health (MOMH) is a system initiative that the Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) developed in order to ensure accessible, consistent, high-quality children’s mental health services across Ontario. As part of MOMH, Lead Agencies were identified across 33 service areas in Ontario.

For more information on MOMH click here: Ministry of Children and Youth Services


New Path Youth and Family Services as Lead Agency

In August 2015 New Path was selected as the Lead Agency for the Simcoe County service area. As part of this leadership role we are working with local planning bodies, youth, parents and partner agencies to meet the goals of MOMH. To date, with input from these groups, 3 service priorities were selected for the County. These service priorities are:

  • Access to services;
  • Coordination of services in schools;
  • Improving service availability.

These service priorities are being worked on from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 and will likely be reviewed prior to March 31, 2017 to assess progress and determine future directions.

For more information about Lead Agencies click here: Lead Agencies for Child and Youth Mental Health


English MOMH Overview, July 2017

French MOMH Overview, July 2017

MOMH Overview February 2017

French MOMH Overview February 2017