Fund Allocation: Up to 5% per year

Exceptions: May be considered.

The Hope Fund intended to support women residing in the Collingwood area who are, or who have been, in an abusive relationship with an intimate partner and who are in financial need. The Fund is available to:

  • assist women in financial crisis to help them with a specific need until ongoing assistance can be sought or arrives (for example, to help with a hydro payment when support payments are in arrears and hydro is in danger of being suspended)
  • aid in furthering an educational or work plan
  • provide funds for child care or transportation in an emergency when no other funding sources are available
  • access to community activities which will increase their self esteem and support their personal development.

A grant of up to 5% of the Fund balance will be available on an annual basis.  A brief application should be screened by a Partner Abuse Counsellor in Collingwood and can be received by New Path Foundation any time during the fiscal year.

Approval for requests greater than this amount may be considered and must be forwarded in writing to New Path Foundation outlining the exceptional circumstances under consideration.