Fund Allocation: Up to 5% per year

The Newby Youth Engagement Fund provides enhanced youth engagement opportunities for current and/or recent past clients of New Path to become actively involved in the mental health issues facing children and youth, and through this involvement, to advocate on behalf of the many children and youth who are not receiving the help that they need.

Applicants and their projects or activities must be supported by a current New Path staff member.  An amount of up to 5% of the Fund balance will be available on an annual basis.  Funds will be allocated to New Path Youth and Family Services for the youth, under the guidance of the supporting staff member.

Projects and activities should be time limited with an expectation that the youth will provide a brief report to New Path Foundation on the outcome of the project or activity.

Applications can be received by New Path Foundation up until September 30th each year and should be brief (one or two pages) and written by the youth, outlining the project or activity with a statement of how this will provide the youth improved engagement opportunities in mental health issues, and how they may be better able to advocate for other children and youth.