Testimonials from New Path Clients


“Without New Path, I wouldn’t be here.”

To one young lady these seven little words meant the difference between life and death, between a lifetime of anguish and heartbreak or fulfillment and optimism. This is Mandy’s story.

Growing up, coping with puberty and accepting adolescence is a challenge for every child. For those burdened by mental illness it can be a hurdle they never overcome. By the time she had reached 16, Mandy was self-mutilating and had later attempted suicide. Depressed and sinking fast, she was referred to New Path’s Adolescent Outreach Program. Through psychological assessments, therapy, counselling, through endless ups and downs, Mandy and her case worker set a course for wellness.

“I was given choices, responsibility, and honesty,” states Mandy. “I was taught safer coping techniques, I was taught to express myself, but most importantly I was taught to respect myself.”

Today Mandy is a successful university student.

“I am living proof of how important the services provided by New Path and others are,” concludes Mandy. “My family and I know that without their help I would be dead.”


“I never thought I was a person that could benefit or needed such help. Unfortunately it took something bad in my life before I got involved. Long before and leading up to the days I was ordered by the Court to take the program, my life in many ways had become confusing and I was not handling my problems the way I should have.

“The New Path PARS program opened my eyes to how really my actions and behaviour needed improvement. I feel I am a better person for it.”