New Path Youth and Family Services
Annual Report 2015-16



Board Chair, Greg Pope            NP - Glen 2

                                                      Greg Pope,                                   Glen Newby,
                                                         Board Chair                                CEO

New Path is now into its 16th year of operations. Forming from the amalgamation of four child and youth mental health service providers across Simcoe in 2000, New Path emerged as a consolidated, youth-friendly organization that spans all of Simcoe County.  The original vision of the amalgamation remains as true today as it did fifteen years ago. It is reflected in New Path’s mission to lead and inspire positive change, and to promote mental health and wellness for children, youth, and families and their communities through an innovative multi-service approach.  We have continued this wonderful journey over the past year.

Inspiring and leading change has been clearly shown through the significant number of clients served at New Path.  This last year saw more than 3,000 children and youth accessing the full range of core services, touching the lives of more than 6,500 family members. The vast majority reported improved mental health, improved relationships with family and peers, and improved school involvement and achievement. Through the adult services (Partner Assault Program and Violence Against Women) New Path saw close to 700 clients.

We are proud of the excellence of our programs offered to Simcoe County by our agency. These include Access and Intake, Targeted Prevention, Brief Services, Therapy and Counselling Services, Crisis Services, Family Capacity Building and Support, Specialized Assessment and Consultation, and Intensive Services.  In addition, New Path provides Probation In-House Clinical Services, an  Attendance Centre, and specialized treatment for adolescents that have sexually offended.  New Path is also proud of its accessibility to all of Simcoe County with offices in Bradford, Cookstown, Alliston, Collingwood, Midland, Orillia, and two locations in Barrie.

This has been a year of transition for our Board at New Path Youth and Family Services as we embark on the new journey of responsibility as Lead Agency in Simcoe County. We would like to acknowledge the positive energy and drive that the Board has brought to all our meetings, to ensure we remain focused on our primary goal to provide children and youth, and their families, with the services they need.  Once selected as Lead Agency, a major focus has been to further the collaborative process with our partner core agencies, both from an operations perspective but also through collaborative governance with their Boards. This process will cement  our collective responsibility to help support the families of Simcoe County.

The backbone of New Path’s success is the grounding of all activities in the Core Values and principles of the organization. A synopsis of these Values and activities follows in this Annual Report.  Our positive client outcomes and evaluative data, as well as the positive response from all of our key community partners serve as proxy for our successful clinical work. This, along with a long history of collaboration within the communities we serve, was a major factor in our successful application to become Lead Agency for child and youth mental health services in Simcoe County.

We thank each and every staff member for their commitment to quality services . . . we are truly making a difference in the mental health of our children and youth, and their families. We are also highly respected for our lean and efficient administrative services that continually manage to keep up with, and in most cases, are ahead of new administrative and legislative requirements. We embrace change and accept change as a catalyst for improvement. Much of this credit goes to our Administrative staff, Supervisors, Managers, and Program Directors who readily accept challenges.

We believe that New Path will ensure that Moving on Mental Health objectives are met in a truly collaborative and engaged manner with other core service providers and their governance bodies. New Path’s leadership in system transformation will ensure the very best possible configuration of services across the County, a system that removes barriers to access.

On behalf of all clients and their families, we sincerely appreciate the confidence from all of our funders and supporters.  We are keenly sensitive to ensuring value for each and every tax payer dollar and every personal and business contributor to the mental health of children and families.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the incredible Youth Engagement leadership taken on by New Path and many of our youth. This fifth AGM, hosted and run by youth, is one of many examples.  And of course, none of the past year’s accomplishments could have been realized without the commitment of the Board of Directors. We have a well rounded mix of individuals and expertise that gets better each year. The single most important attribute that continually stands out is the collective enthusiasm and dedication to New Path and the clients served.

And of course, as we have said many times before, a very special thank you goes to all of the children, youth and families who have allowed New Path to enter their lives during very difficult times.  The partnerships, relationships, trust, and team work that you have allowed us to develop together with you is one of the major factors in your success. And that is ultimately the only result that really matters.

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New Path Foundation Annual Report 2015-16


Outgoing PRESIDENT & CEO and Incoming PRESIDENT & CEONP Glen pic 2011                     NPF - James

Brett Restemayer,                       Glen Newby,                                                       James Thomson,
Board Chair                                   Outgoing                                                              Incoming
                                                            President and CEO                                          President and CEO

Over this past year, the New Path Foundation was, once again, very busy continuing to build on our plans and activities from the previous year. With the announcement that New Path Youth and Family Services has been chosen as Lead Agency for mental health services in Simcoe County, some staffing changes needed to occur as Glen Newby, our President and CEO for many years stepped back from New Path Foundation work to focus on his work with New Path Youth and Family Services.  As of January 2016, Glen began to transition out of New Path Foundation while James Thomson’s role expanded from Vice President of Strategic Initiatives to that of the incoming President and CEO.

Highlights of our work:

Strategic Governance – Although our Board remained relatively small in size, it benefited greatly from the combined passion, insight and perspective that our Board Membership Team provided.  A large part of our collective work was the implementation of a strategic planning process.  Over a 9 month period much time was spent looking at the New Path Foundation in great detail including activities, relationships, near and long term goals.  This process gave us the chance to review and update our vision for the organization while at the same time affirming 4 main areas of focus for our work over the next three years:  Service Delivery, Resource Development, Capacity Building & Partnership Engagement and Development.  We are confident that this new plan will help us lay a strong foundation for continued growth and development.  To our Board Membership and staff team, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your support over this past year and for your continued sound advice and judgement.

Fundraising- This past year was quite successful in terms of not only continuing to raise the awareness of our services and that of New Path Youth and Family Services through the Helpthe1in5 branding strategy, but also in term of securing grants such as the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund, F.K. Morrow Foundation, McKesson Canada and the RBC Foundation to name a few.  These grants, while directly supporting New Path Youth and Family Services, also allowed us to build relationships with these key funders that will hopefully result in long term partnerships.  One highlight of our work in fundraising was collaborating alongside a small group of organizations led by New Path Youth and Family Services over a three month period to secure a three-year Ontario Trillium Grant; this will support mental health in sports not only in Simcoe County but in other communities across the Province.  We would also like to recognize and thank the many individual and corporate donors who believe in the worth of our children and youth.  All of these fundraising efforts would not have been successful without the generous support from key businesses in our community. We would like to pay special thanks to:   Terry and Anna Cheaney from RBC Dominion Securities, The RBC Foundation, Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund, Barrie Ford and Barrie Chrysler, Gord and Laura Knox and Grace Dajo and her team at A Man’s Zone to name a few.

Thank you all so much.

Our common roof developments represent a unique investment in social purpose real estate, providing community based non-profits, charities and small for-profit businesses the opportunity to participate in shared facilities and shared services.  Participation in common roof projects enhances the individual missions of partner organizations, while ensuring long term sustainability for future generations.  The collaboration and integration of services under one roof provides more effective and efficient operations of critical human services, ultimately benefitting the client population.  Our Barrie common roof has been in operation since 2006 and celebrates its 10 year anniversary this September and is fully occupied.  Our Orillia Common Roof has been in operation since 2011 and while we have been pleased to welcome new tenants for half of the third floor and some on the second floor this past year, we are sill needing to focus on finding and securing tenants for the remainder of the available space on the third floor. This missed tenancy opportunity remains a challenge and continues to create some financial hardships that necessitates our need to be fiscally prudent over this coming year.

Our common roof model continues to gain international attention and we have presented to various groups across Canada and the United States.  New Path Foundation through Glen Newby remains connected to the NonProfit Centers Network, an organization based in Denver Colorado, that is bringing together like-minded, forward-thinking charities to join the movement to shared facilities and services.  Recently, plans were announced that the NonProfit Centres Network would be creating a Canadian based entity and we look forward to working alongside them as they progress in this development.  Locally in Ontario, we have been very active with the Provincial Government through the Community Hub Secretariat as they investigate how to build and strengthen community hubs across the Province.  We have had the opportunity to participate in workshops on service integration as well as will be one of two community hubs participating in a Design Lab with staff across various Ministries to investigate how to support the Provincial plan for community hubs.  We are seen as a model of effective practice that can provide solutions to a number of the challenges social service agencies are dealing with, in this age of limited government resources.

In closing, we would like to thank those young people who have stepped up and supported our work over this past year.  We would also like to thank and recognize our staff team including Ken Edwards, Tracey Becker, Maureen Armstrong, Stacey Young, Orma Sheppard, Angie King, Jon Thomson and Roger  Fridge.  You provide the backbone to our organization and your contributions in helping us move forward each and every day are most appreciated.